It’s time for some sunshine so I am getting out of England for 10 days. So obviously no sessions available until 25th onwards. I will be still contactable via email if you want to arrange something for when I get back. I might just be a little slow in replying. See you soon. London Mistress.. read more →

I asked for a very real kidnap scene in my hotel room. Mistress Pip snuck into the room and attacked me as I was laying in bed. Within seconds, my hands were bound behind my back and her arms were around my neck. I was gagged (really gagged – couldn’t make a sound). Then she.. read more →

Our unsuspecting slave turned up at our dungeon to attend to some DIY chores. I greeted him at the door and we had a cup of coffee and discussed what jobs needed doing around the place. We went upstairs into the back room where the tools are kept. This time there were no hammers or.. read more →

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New practices in Siberia involve people with addiction problems going to get caning therapy. They separate it from BDSM and claim there is no sexual enjoyment involved. Apparently a good caning on the bottom can help alcohol as well as other addictions. I’m sure there’s a few of you out there that have an addiction.. read more →