Review for London Mistress Pip. Thank you so much letting me live out my fetish with you. That was truly amazing! I had a blast. You are very skillful at your craft! read more →

I‘ve had the great fortune of sessioning with the captivating Mistress Pip on a number of occasions now, and can’t be more positive about her beauty, style and ability to read and direct any situation. She combines the stunning good looks and athletic toned physique of a young Domme, but commands the respect and has.. read more →

            Welcome to my dungeon. I am currently working from a wonderfully equipped venue called The Serpent Rooms ( where hours can be lost as you delve into a world of pain and pleasure. One of my favourite items in the main room are the cages which are perfect for.. read more →

After spending two hours tickling one of my regular subs I realised, in order to spend two hours enjoyably doing only one thing to someone I must really love tickling people. I definitely do. But, why? Tickling is playful, childlike and fun. But yet it can cause more excruciating anticipation than that of a severe.. read more →

Dressed to kill and with one small man in our sight we entered the room. “That’s our guy” shouted Mistress Hera, “Let’s take him down.” Mistress Hera’s rippling muscular body leapt at the defenseless man and he was thrown across the room. “Tell us where the case is, you little worm” I whispered threateningly into.. read more →