He wanted to feel my strength so the session began suddenly by me overpowering him. I wrestled him to the ground easily. He’s a big man and he slowly began to fight back more and more. Despite his efforts I held him down in different wrestling holds and laughed at his pathetic struggles. I gave.. read more →

I need one or two willing volunteers to have their balls busted, and maybe whipping/caning as well for a ball busting website. It’s this Friday from 12pm midday for 2 hours roughly. Please email or call straight away. London Mistress Pip read more →

I enter the room. The sub thinks he is worthy enough to take the comfortable position of sitting on the chair. I quickly amend this and demand him to his knees verbally, as well as physically pushing him onto the ground. This makes him even more anxious than when he sat comfortably on the chair… read more →

London Mistress Pip read more →

I had the great honour last Friday night of serving the most amazing young Woman i have ever met, and am writing this in order to express my deep respect for Her and to grovel like the pathetic little dickhead i am to be allowed to serve Her again. I am an average single 40 year.. read more →