I will be unavailable for sessions from Monday 30th September until Saturday 12th October. I will also be unable to respond to calls and emails during most of this time, so be patient, I will reply to you when I return and we can schedule a session.   London Mistress Pip read more →

I need a few willing volunteers to be in a few videos on Tuesday 24th September between 1pm and 6pm. Please email me for more information. Content will be varied and I am open to what you can take the most of. Thanks, London Mistress Pip read more →

Sometime this week shortly after dawn I was kidnapped in the woods by Mistresses Pip and Mistress Hera, in what was one of the finest sessions that I have ever experienced in 20 years of visiting pro domes. The snatch was brilliantly executed; these ladies knew what they were doing! They played some wonderful mind.. read more →

If you are interested in a custom video of myself or myself and any of my wonderful friends in action: Mistress Hera, Lady Carla, Mistress Bea, Mistress Justitia, Mistress Kali or Mistress May then get in touch. We are open to suggestions but look at which services we offer on our websites to get an.. read more →

I require 2-3 filming slaves to come to my place in North London, one at at a time, to be in 1 or 2 20 minute long videos. It is preferred if you can take medium to hard ball busting or another activity, like whipping or caning, to a high level. It is preferred that.. read more →

I’ve had my share of sleepless nights in my life, with causes that have been both usual and unusual. Most were forgotten with the subsequent dawn, but the night before my first kidnap still haunts me. Even now, if I revisit those hours, the memory makes my heart race. As I play it back, it.. read more →

My first kidnap snatched by Mistress Pip and Mistress Kali (Part 1) It seems a lifetime ago now, but in reality it was only last year, that I was kidnapped for the first time. Looking back, I’m not entirely certain what led me to this niche corner of BDSM play.  I’d enjoyed the dark dungeon.. read more →

It’s time for some sunshine so I am getting out of England for 10 days. So obviously no sessions available until 25th onwards. I will be still contactable via email if you want to arrange something for when I get back. I might just be a little slow in replying. See you soon. London Mistress.. read more →

New practices in Siberia involve people with addiction problems going to get caning therapy. They separate it from BDSM and claim there is no sexual enjoyment involved. Apparently a good caning on the bottom can help alcohol as well as other addictions. I’m sure there’s a few of you out there that have an addiction.. read more →

            Welcome to my dungeon. I am currently working from a wonderfully equipped venue called The Serpent Rooms (www.theserpentrooms.co.uk) where hours can be lost as you delve into a world of pain and pleasure. One of my favourite items in the main room are the cages which are perfect for.. read more →