I‘ve had the great fortune of sessioning with the captivating Mistress Pip on a number of occasions now, and can’t be more positive about her beauty, style and ability to read and direct any situation. She combines the stunning good looks and athletic toned physique of a young Domme, but commands the respect and has the experience of a more mature Woman. I just melt into a submissive grovelling heap every time she looks into my eyes and really want to do whatever she tells me to please her. Mistress is truely versatile and can deliver sessions involving various forms of punishment and torture, humiliation and degradation in such a way that you really want to go the extra mile to please her and make her smile. She clearly has a passion for, and a real understanding of, Female Domination and this comes across in her sessions. I am yet to try kidnapping, one of her specialities!

I have visited a number of Dominatrices in the past, but from now onwards I will only be offering to serve Mistress Pip. I can’t wait until the next time I am allowed to see her.

Slave john, Londonphoto(4)