I started the session with his back pinned firmly against the cold, grey wall. I looked him up and down and made a few comments.

Before he knew it his arms and legs were spread wide against the wall and tightly cuffed to the chains which hung there.

His eyes dropped to the floor. Any thoughts or distractions from his life disappeared from his mind, as his submissive side emerged and he gave himself over to me for the session.

I ran my sharp nails down his body making him gasp and breathe more deeply. I slowed down and paid particular attention around his nipples and on his balls, as I dug my nails in further.

I decided to concentrate on his nipples for some time. I stared into his eyes and pressed my body closely to his as I switched between short, sharp pulls of both his nipples, to long, intense, hard twists and then back to gentle rubbing and flicking.

I drove him wild with the variations and he became lost on a journey of nipple pleasure, where time and place was no longer relevant and the sensations I was creating took over everything.


London Mistress Pip