“I have just been kidnapped by the fantastic Mistress Pip & Mistress Kali & it was an exhilarating roller coaster of a night.

I waited patiently at the rendezvous, the end of a country track, no lights, no people, just the occasional rustle of the trees & bushes in the wind . I waited… Alone. Were they here already, lying in wait, watching me from the darkness? I felt very alone. Were they going to leave me waiting? The sound of a car, blinding flash of headlights & then nothing. Alone again. No, a car engine ticking over, but where? Then silence… Suddenly I’m on the ground, the weight of someone on me, my face pushed into the dirt, a gag forced into my mouth, wrists tightly bound behind my back, hooded & dragged to the car. Where did that come from? Forced into the back, ankles bound, my body tied. It all happened so fast. Slam. The hatch is shut & I’m driven away into the night… My ordeal was just the beginning.

The bondage was very restrictive & intense, really excellent & quite exhausting, just brilliant in its execution. I never felt I could escape it or wriggle free, even on the way over in the car. The mad dash from the car to the dungeon was inspired & quite unexpected. Would we be seen?

The CP was great, took me right to the edge without being too much & combined with the boot worship my attention was constantly being pulled back & forth between Mistress Pip & Mistress Kali.

The violet wand was very deceptive, sometimes it felt like little nips & other times it packed quite a punch & there was no way of knowing which it would be next.

A really enjoyable fast moving session that never seemed to stop , time flew by. If you want the exhilaration of not being in control of your own destiny, the plaything of two beautiful¬† dominatrix’s, then this is definitely for you. I can’t wait to do it again.



London Mistress Pip

London Mistress Pip

Kidnap Specialists

London Mistress Kali