Reviews from My submissive clients

I have sessioned with Mistress Pip on many occasions. She is a young and beautiful Domme but very experienced in all forms of dominance. I like humiliation, powerlessness and corporal punishment and she is expert at delivering all of the above. I would recommend her to anyone interested in femdom. London Mistress Pip read more →

Sometime this week shortly after dawn I was kidnapped in the woods by Mistresses Pip and Mistress Hera, in what was one of the finest sessions that I have ever experienced in 20 years of visiting pro domes. The snatch was brilliantly executed; these ladies knew what they were doing! They played some wonderful mind.. read more →

I met Mistress Pip with Lady Carla and I wanted to be overwhelmed, smothered and scissored. Well the 2 hour session was unbelievable. Mistress Pip is quite stunning, much more so than her photographs indicate. She also looks much much younger. She would stand over me looking down with a beautiful smile, or laughing, her.. read more →

What could be better than a sunny May evening in the woods? A rush hour drive, a rush hour train ride, a taxi and then, suddenly, I’m alone and all I can hear are birds singing and the gentle breeze troubling the trees.  I’m in a car park, a long way from anywhere. And I’m.. read more →

Following the frenzy of the Takedown, the relative calm of the car journey allowed me to orientate myself in my new, unfamiliar surroundings. When you are deprived of sight, the other senses strive to compensate. Working overtime, my hearing quickly identified the two distinct voices of my captors. One sounded harsh, aggressive – the other.. read more →

My first kidnap snatched by Mistress Pip and Mistress Kali (Part 1) It seems a lifetime ago now, but in reality it was only last year, that I was kidnapped for the first time. Looking back, I’m not entirely certain what led me to this niche corner of BDSM play.  I’d enjoyed the dark dungeon.. read more →

Hi Mistress Pip, all day I have been waiting to write a review,. Thank you for enjoying my company as much as I did yours. I think we connected well together. You are truly stunning, very attractive and have a very attractive body and figure. I must not forget your gorgeous blue eyes. I asked.. read more →

I’ve met Mistress Pip a few times now, and she is amazing to a point where you just cannot compare her to anyone else. One look into her eyes, and I just give myself to her completely. She is beautiful, strong, and very very accommodating to (ex) beginners like me. And once you get to.. read more →

Just to say thank you for a wonderful session yesterday. It was great to meet you and great that you are such a genuine person, with not only skill, but a real love of what you do. You made the session very special for me. Anonymous   London Mistress Pip read more →

I asked for a very real kidnap scene in my hotel room. Mistress Pip snuck into the room and attacked me as I was laying in bed. Within seconds, my hands were bound behind my back and her arms were around my neck. I was gagged (really gagged – couldn’t make a sound). Then she.. read more →