Review June 2021: Role Play and CP session



A fantastic session in a well-equipped dungeon with a skilled, efficient, attractive young woman with good judgement of my limits and a genuine riding outfit.


I enjoy the odd femdom session and was attracted by the well-written and tasteful websites of The Serpent Rooms in general and Mistress Pip (MP) in particular and booked a two-hour session.  The photos of the dungeon and MP are accurate.  Outside her femdom persona, MP is a well-spoken, charming, organised, young woman with a ‘girl next door’ look and manner.  Her emails were cogent and clear and often by return.

We enacted a lady of the manor and butler role play.  MP wore a splendid genuine riding outfit: traditional red coat, long black boots, close-fitting beige jodhpurs and a white shirt unbuttoned far enough to show her black bra.  Her cleavage was nicely judged so as to be quite titillating, without being particularly revealing and hence unrealistic.

To begin, MP slapped my face for looking down her blouse, took off my shirt and pinched my nipples.  She cuffed my wrists in hanging chains, pinched my nipples again and harangued me to confess my misdeeds.  Restrained like this, I could do nothing to stop her taking down my shorts, lowering my pants, tying up my genitals and whipping me with a short flogger.

MP led me over to a bench by the rope attached to my crutch, spanked my bum and fitted an iron collar.  She then sat on the throne and put me over her firm thighs for a long, sensual OTK hand-spanking session, during which she rubbed my bum after every few smacks and I had to count the strokes.

I was then bent over the bench again and flogged, first with a normal sized flogger that stung over a wide area, and then with a heavier one that I felt over a more compact area and which MP also used on my back.

Finally, I was restrained on the bench on my back by my ankles and wrists, ie face up.  MP left and returned in a black bra and knickers and a black corset with tasteful see-through lace panels.  This ensemble again teasingly promised more than it actually revealed.  After tantalising me with the close proximity of her underwear-clad figure and her well-muscled but shapely bare legs, and slapping me for having the impertinence to look and make comments, MP made me lick and kiss her bare feet and suck her toes.

I like being bossed about but not hard pain and MP judged my levels perfectly.  She ordered me about in a firm, authoritative but not over-shrill manner and dealt out whimsical and unpredictable punishments that stung but did not leave marks, while maintaining the role play perfectly throughout our session.  I highly recommend both Mistress Pip and The Serpent Rooms.

The Count