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My regular slave came through the door. “I’m running late” I said. “I’m going to take a shower and get ready. You may as well make yourself useful and clean the toilet”“Don’t forget I have high standards and you’ll be punished if I’m not happy”I undressed and happily took my shower knowing that he was.. read more →

Myself and the wonderful Mistress Kali, my original partner in debauchery, met at a trendy breakfast establishment in Shoreditch, half an hour before he was due. We had time for a quick catch up, a cup of tea and to finalise what he had in store for this special, birthday session. Our man walks through.. read more →

He was a short, feeble looking man who turned up at my door for the first time, after booking an appointment that same morning. He had explained to me on the phone that he wanted his balls busted. Brilliant news as this always gives me the greatest pleasure. As soon as he stepped through the.. read more →

I started the session with his back pinned firmly against the cold, grey wall. I looked him up and down and made a few comments. Before he knew it his arms and legs were spread wide against the wall and tightly cuffed to the chains which hung there. His eyes dropped to the floor. Any.. read more →

This week I was flown to Dubai for the day, for a session. This was one of the most exciting and spontaneous sessions I have had. I love traveling to new places and it was was certainly a thrill going all the way to Dubai for a two hour session. I would have wanted to.. read more →

I have been hard at work over the last few weeks plotting how to surprise our slave again and I came up with an idea that was about to get tested. Ever since the triple surprise seduction session our slave has been a little on edge whenever he turns up at the dungeon and.. read more →

Bond-assage and tickling sessions are the perfect introduction to the world of BDSM and domination. Being a Mistress isn’t all about severe pain and strict orders. I, personally, enjoy a vast range of session types. That is why I love doing what I do, because every scenario is different and the variety means I can.. read more →

Our unsuspecting slave turned up at our dungeon to attend to some DIY chores. I greeted him at the door and we had a cup of coffee and discussed what jobs needed doing around the place. We went upstairs into the back room where the tools are kept. This time there were no hammers or.. read more →

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Dressed to kill and with one small man in our sight we entered the room. “That’s our guy” shouted Mistress Hera, “Let’s take him down.” Mistress Hera’s rippling muscular body leapt at the defenseless man and he was thrown across the room. “Tell us where the case is, you little worm” I whispered threateningly into.. read more →