I had the great honour last Friday night of serving the most amazing young Woman i have ever met, and am writing this in order to express my deep respect for Her and to grovel like the pathetic little dickhead i am to be allowed to serve Her again.
I am an average single 40 year old male who has finally realised that no self respecting Woman is going to want a relationship with a sad, small dicked wanker like me, and if I want to be in any way involved in the life of a gorgeous, sexy young goddess such as Mistress Pip and her beautiful friends then I will have to grovel to be used as a servant for their amusement.
I contacted Mistress Pip on Tuesday and asked if She might consider me for the role of drinks buying pig. She told me that She had used losers like me in this way before, and if it was convenient to Her She might use me as Her walking wallet when She is out with Her friends. I thanked Her profusely and begged Her to consider me for this position. Excitedly I waited and almost came in my pants when I received a text later that day telling me to wait in a very fashionable bar in North East London at 7pm the next Friday night. I could barely sleep with excitement over the next few nights, and finally when Friday evening came i texted my Superior to respectfully let Her know i had arrived in the bar. After a few minutes Mistress texted me back, to tell me that She was not going to be in the bar until 8.30pm, and that i was to wait for her like an obedient lapdog but not to buy myself a drink as i was not worth spending the money on. She told me to text through the cocktail menu so that She could place her order so that her drink was waiting when She arrived.
At 8.30 She texted me to tell me that She would be arriving in the bar in 10 minutes, and that I should go to the bar and get Her a Mojito, but of course not to waste money buying anything for myself. I waited patiently at the table and when i saw Her walking gracefully into the bar, She really took my breath away. The pictures on Mistress Pip’s website are beautiful, but do not do her real beauty justice at all. She has a beautiful toned figure, a piercing gaze that made me go weak at the knees, and was wearing a very elegant and cool dress that made her look un-obtainably sexy.
I offered Her the cocktail, and She sat down at the table and looked at me with an amused and slightly disgusted look on her face, and began to tell me how the evening was going to be. “Obviously I am not going to want to spend the whole evening with You, dickhead”, She kindly explained to me as if talking to a child, “I’m here to have a good time with my friends, and You are just here to pay for our drinks, got that dickhead?”. “Yes or course Miss, thank You so much Miss”, i mumbled, wondering how on earth i had suddenly become so lucky as to be spending the evening in the proximity of not just one but, as it turned out, four sexy young Females.
Whilst She was waiting for her other friends to arrive, Mistress decided to have some fun. As i went up to the bar to buy Her second Mojito, She put a large handful of ice from Her first drink onto my chair. When i returned She pointed it out to me with a smile on her beautiful face, and told me to make myself comfortable on my chair. After a minute or two She asked me if i was nice and wet yet, and made me stand up and turn around so that She, and the other people in the bar, could see the large embarrassing wet patch right across the rear of my jeans. She then told me to sit down again and pour the rest of the ice into my lap, and hold it there until it had melted and made an even more embarrassing wet patch on the front of my jeans. I was then ordered to go to the bar and ask the barmaid in a loud voice if i could have a cloth to dry my chair, as i had just wet myself.
This obviously gave Mistress Pip an idea, as She told me to go to the bar and get a pint of tap water and to drink it. I was to continue to drink tap water all night, and when i was desperate to go to the toilet i was to let her know.
Mistresses friends arrived, and i bought them all Mojitos and then Mistress and Her friends went upstairs to watch the band that was playing there that night. Mistress told me to sit in my chair and not move until She came to get me. After half an hour, Mistress came back into the bar and told me to buy a bottle of wine and four more Mojitos, and carry the drinks upstairs and serve them. I was then ordered to stand at the back of the venue, with my back against the wall, and await further instructions. Clearly they wanted to enjoy their evening out, chat to other young people, and not have to associate with the likes of me.
During the evening i continued to buy drinks for my Superiors on their command, and every now and then one of them would come to the back of the venue to spit in my face, pour water on me, or to drop more ice down my jeans to add to the impression that I had wet myself. At one point as i was serving drinks to my Superiors, Mistress told me to kneel and kiss the floor at Her feet, and to kiss Her beautiful friend’s hand whilst on my knees.
Once the music had finished Mistress told me to go out into the centre of the square outside the bar and get on all fours on the floor like a dog. The square was still quite busy, with maybe a hundred people standing either outside the bar, or in small groups around the edge of the square. It was deeply humiliating to have to go in to the middle of the square, in full view of everyone, and get down into such a submissive position. I really wanted to show my obedience to Her though, so with some shame and embarrassment i got down on all fours and waited. Mistress left me in that position for a few minutes, and went to speak to people in the crowd outside the bar to see if any of them wanted to humiliate me. Two very attractive young Women thought it would be fun to make me perform for them, and walked over to the centre of the square. One of them stood on my back whilst her friend held her hand to support her. “I want a photo of this!” said the beautiful princess who was now balancing in her high heeled boots on my back, and her friend stepped back to take a photo of my shame with her phone, laughing as She did so.
By this time a group of 5 or 6 Women were standing around me laughing, and Mistress ordered me to stand, and then asked if i needed to go to the toilet yet. I nodded, and smiling She told me to wet myself there are then, in the middle of the square, and in front of a group of beautiful young women. Having drunk about 10 pints of water throughout the night, it was not had for me to totally soak my jeans in a matter of seconds, as the Women pointed, laughed and commented on how pathetic i am.
Mistress then told me to go to the side of the square and kneel facing the wall in a position of shame. I did this, but as i was kneeling i continued to wet myself, so was very shortly kneeling in a pool of urine facing the wall.
After a few minutes of ‘corner time’ Mistress told me to stand, and told me that She had had enough amusement for one night, and was going to let me off lightly (apparently this level of humiliation is ‘mild’). She told me to give her money so that She could get some dinner, and then told me to fuck off. I made my long journey home to South West London with very wet jeans and shoes.