He wanted to feel my strength so the session began suddenly by me overpowering him. I wrestled him to the ground easily. He’s a big man and he slowly began to fight back more and more. Despite his efforts I held him down in different wrestling holds and laughed at his pathetic struggles.

I gave him a warning. If he didn’t manage to escape within three minutes I will sit on his head. After three minutes he was still trapped in my strong grasp so inevitably I lowered my bottom onto his face.

With my whole weight on his face he stopped breathing. After a few seconds he attempted to take a breath but my laced bottom remained over his mouth preventing him from inhaling.

I tormented him for a while only allowing him to breathe when I lifted myself off him and hovered above his face. He had a brief moment to capture his breathe and admire the view before he was sat on once more.

Once I was satisfied I pushed him around some more and wrestled him while he was still panting heavily. I took the opportunity to shackle his ankles together and bound his arms behind his back. I sat on his face again and slowly wrapped rope tightly around his balls. I ordered him to his feet and dragged him into the dungeon by his balls….

London Mistress Pip