After spending two hours tickling one of my regular subs I realised, in order to spend two hours enjoyably doing only one thing to someone I must really love tickling people.

I definitely do. But, why?

Tickling is playful, childlike and fun. But yet it can cause more excruciating anticipation than that of a severe caning. For some people it is pure pleasure, but for others it is agonising and can result in uncontrolled violent responses.

For me when I tickle people I am exploring my inner child and as a person who laughs alot it is a pleasure to watch someone squirming helplessly in fits of laughter at the mere threaten of a tickle.

I love exploring people’s bodies, to discover their most sensitive areas; the parts which will have them screaming for mercy. With the knowledge of their weakness I then have the power to control their fits of giggles and cries for help.

Less is definitely more when it comes to tickle torture. Once my sub is suitably sensitive all I need to do is hover my fingers millimeters from their skin in order for them to react  strongly. A scientific study (M. Ingvar РTickling expectations: neural processing in anticipation of sensory stimulus 2000) has shown that the same areas of the brain, the primary somatosensory cortex  and secondary somatosensory cortex, are activated when a person anticipates a tickle as well as when they are physically being tickled.

Therefore when I tease my subs with my nails that aren’t quite touching them the same neural activity is occurring as if I were touching them. It doubles the pleasure for me and for them.

Tickle torture has been practiced as an ancient form of torture in many societies. In the Han Dynasty in China they used tickling torture so that no marks were left and the person could recover quickly. These are sometimes useful benefits in my experience as well! The Ancient Romans provided punishment by soaking the offenders feet in salt and getting a goat to lick their feet. Interesting idea, although luckily for you, there aren’t many goats in North London.

Why do you enjoy being tickled?

Most people love the helplessness of tickling torture and the overwhelming sensations that are being subjected to them totally out of their control. I love to tie people up to tickle them but I also enjoy forcibly holding my victims down and tickling them. With my strength and combat skills I can restrain people easily without the use of ropes. This emphasises my dominance.

On a final note, if you want to see me enjoy myself then come and submit to my merciless tickling torture. You know you want to.

London Mistress Pip