Bond-assage and tickling sessions are the perfect introduction to the world of BDSM and domination. Being a Mistress isn’t all about severe pain and strict orders. I, personally, enjoy a vast range of session types. That is why I love doing what I do, because every scenario is different and the variety means I can never get bored of what I do.

So, for the more Vanilla individuals, come to me for a bond-assage or tickling session and let me be your guide into your fantasy world.

If you are nervous then we can chat and have a cup of tea; I am very friendly when I am not being a  bitch.

Bond-assage is a combination of massage and bondage. It’s a pleasurable way to explore your senses, forget about the outside world and submit to sensual domination.

Bond-assage sessions involve sensory deprivation. The use of headphones and blindfolds allows you to experience a deeper level of relaxation and sensation, through emphasising the experience of touch.

Every part of your body is massaged and played with in a kinky way. But nothing will hurt too much (unless pain is your pleasure). The whole experience if very therapeutic, fun and non threatening.

By allowing and enjoying the sensations which are occurring and accepting the restraints you are in, you are exploring your submissive side but in a controlled and easy way.

Bond-assage is perfect for novices and combines all the fun things: massage, sensual domination, sensory deprivation and kinky sensations.

I highly recommend a double bond-assage session with myself and the beautiful, Lady Carla. She is also very experienced in massage, as well as pressure points. Four hands all over your body will be an unforgettable experience.


London Mistress Pip

London Lady Carla

London Lady Carla