This week I was flown to Dubai for the day, for a session. This was one of the most exciting and spontaneous sessions I have had.

I love traveling to new places and it was was certainly a thrill going all the way to Dubai for a two hour session. I would have wanted to stay longer and look around the city, but it came over a busy week and I had to be back in London the following day for other sessions. It’s a good job I sleep reasonably well on overnight flights!

While I was there I could enjoy the comforts of a 5* hotel and get the pampering I deserve. I could look out across the skyline of Dubai and at the the impressive Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest tower in the world. Naturally I would have paid a visit to the observation tower, or even the restaurant at the top, but the clouds and the fact it was a Monday meant that I would have to save that treat for the next extravagant trip to Dubai.

International Mistress Pip