He was a short, feeble looking man who turned up at my door for the first time, after booking an appointment that same morning. He had explained to me on the phone that he wanted his balls busted. Brilliant news as this always gives me the greatest pleasure.

As soon as he stepped through the door I had my hand tightly gripping his collar and dragged him into the reception/kitchen area where we remained for the next hour. Staring menacingly into his eyes I began slowly unbuttoning his shirt and once it was open I ordered him to continue to strip naked.

Once he was naked a pulled him by the balls into the all-fours position and sat down on a chair next to him. I was wearing black tights and a short skirt; it was a hot day. I put my feet up on his hairy back and whispered threats down to him. I rubbed my nylon covered feet over his body and the mere threat of a ball kicking made him beg and beg me to let him go.

‘You are mine now, you worthless little pig’ I said, ‘And I’m going to do exactly as I wish to your pathetic balls.’

After two soft kicks to his weak balls he was rolling around the floor squealing and begging. He was a even bigger pussy than I originally thought so I humiliated him by riding him around the room like and face fucking his mouth with my large, realistic strap on making him feel like the slut that he is. I simulated my fake cock coming by dribbling down his face and over his mouth, which dripped into a dirty dog’s bowl which I had placed underneath his head.

I didn’t let his balls get off lightly though and proceeded to tie them tightly with rope and squeeze and slap them with my bare hands until, again, he screamed for me to stop. Once I was satisfied his balls couldn’t take any more slapping and kicking I forced him to cum into the dog bowl to make a cocktail with my saliva.

You can guess what I made him do next.


London Mistress Pip