Usually I don’t go to pro Mistresses. I play with Mistresses I meet at clubs and parties. At the last years I began to look for mistresses that mixed wrestling and power in the session. The problem is that most of the wrestlers are not really Dommes and most of the Dommes are not really wrestlers and those I find, most of them were too old for me.

First time I saw Miss Pip on a clip, I like what I saw and then I checked her website. I understood that there is something different here, exactly what I am looking for.
I am not living in London and first time I visited London she wasn’t available, so I had to wait another 2 months to my next visit. I was so satisfied that I met her twice in a few days.

First time I explained her about my fantasies and also to her that I don’t want marks.
When I saw her first time I immediately felt in love with her look and beauty. She is gorgeous, exactly what I hope to find and even more. The session began she surprised me and jump on me, I trained martial arts (Shotokan, Aikido, Capoeira) for 25 years but after 2 serious injuries I am not in a good shape for long fights but still I know what I am doing.
When the fight began I thought to let her get some better position so it will be a fair fight, but it was a big mistake, as in one second she trapped me in a way that I couldn’t help till I lost all my power. Miss Pip was good and fast, She tied me very fast and I find myself helpless at her feet. She teased me and celebrate her victory on me. I was brought tied to the dungeon there she tortured me for the rest of the time.
She is powerful and know exactly what she is doing but she is also caring. I felt that maybe because I told her I don’t want marks maybe she had some mercy on me. But after 1 hour I felt that it was too short and I want to stay more and more.
I thought a lot about Miss Pip and the session with her, it was clear I must see her again before I am going to leave London. This time I wrote her that I want a longer session and also wrote her that I can take more pain than our last session.
When we wrestle this time I fight stronger as I knew she don’t need my help. We had a good fight till I lost my power than she tied me I was really helpless and Miss Pip decide to punish me for fighting. She took me to the dungeon and tortured my nipples and my balls. Normally I can take a lot of pain in my nipples but Miss Pip brought me to cry in pain again and again. She took me to the edge.

It was exactly what I was looking for to be helpless with a beautiful Lady I can trust that she know what she is doing and when I suffer to see her beautiful face and smile and know that it was well worth it.