I have been sessioning with Mistress Pip for a couple of years and feel compelled to share my admiration for her through this review.
Mistress Pip is a beautiful, engaging, creative, versatile and commanding Mistress. Physically and mentally dominant, she can be gentle and playful but beware her bite as she leaves one in no doubt as to who is in charge.
Her dungeon is very atmospheric and well equipped with all manner of devices and implements and she is highly skilled in using them; in my experience an expert with urethral sounds and all manner of anal toys.
I’m particularly fond of latex and the sight of Mistress Pip in rubber makes me go very weak at the knees; her form is truly a sight to behold…

In Mistress Pip’s presence normal time and belief are suspended and one enters into a blissful submissive state utterly under her spell. It is a wonderful place to be…She is, in a word, AMAZING!

Latex Slave Tom