My regular slave came through the door.

“I’m running late” I said. “I’m going to take a shower and get ready. You may as well make yourself useful and clean the toilet”

“Don’t forget I have high standards and you’ll be punished if I’m not happy”

I undressed and happily took my shower knowing that he was eagerly trying to please me by scrubbing the toilet next door; a job well suited to a slave like him.
I took my time getting myself ready and picked a lacy black and pink lingerie set with stockings.

His mouth dropped to the floor when he looked up at my body which towered threateningly over him. “I’ve missed you” he whimpered.

I inspected the toilet. “Still as useless as ever, I see…. STRIP!” I ordered.

“Now hoover all the floors” I grabbed a paddle and took great pleasure in slapping his white arse as he tried to redeem himself with the cleaning tasks.

I laughed as he chased around the room with the hoover flinching every time I struck him. Once I had had my fun here I decided it was time for the real punishment to commence and so we went through into the dungeon.

I punished his arse and back and legs hard with several different canes and floggers and in various positions. Slave took the beating very well, for once, it seems like this slave has turned over a new leaf for the new year and is taking his submission to his Mistress Pip more seriously than ever.

Good boy.

I kicked him out the door once I was satisfied than he arse was red and purple enough for my liking.

“See you next week, sissy.”