Multiple Mistress Human Furniture Session Review

I had an amazing session in September with Miss Pip at The Serpent Rooms. I had been before for an amazing session so my expectations were sky high, but they were vastly surpassed. I like being a human sofa, with the mistresses relaxing on top of my face and body, or scissoring/sleeper holding the life out of my neck. Miss Pip is young, beautiful, athletic, strong as hell, very nice, but with a will of iron and highly intelligent. She delves into the depth of a slave’ mind and knows what one wants even if one doesn’t oneself.Honestly she would make a killing as a psychiatrist! Miss Pip pinning me and staring into my face underneath her is a blissful memory that will fortunately never leave me. A great organiser, she invited lots of friends over to relax on top of her couch slave (although of course I had no idea who was coming), and I was 4 or 5 hours languishing under the beautiful, superior bodies of Mistresses and wrestler¬†friends ¬†Mistress Pussy Willow, Blaze, Miss Kay O and Mystique, while they drank champagne and laughed and chatted on top of me. There were also competitions…strongest scissor or sleeper hold etc…winner being the one to have me tap out in fewest seconds. I think that with Blaze I didn’t even make it past ONE second! Now and then they would just go and leave me tied up and abandoned, wondering anxiously if they would ever return, as I listened helplessly to their shrieks of laughter while they partied downstairs. Just as well I don’t live in London or I would be going for a session every other day! I cannot wait to get back and be again the slave and sofa of this stunning genius called Miss Pip. David