Sometime this week shortly after dawn I was kidnapped in the woods by Mistresses Pip and Mistress Hera, in what was one of the finest sessions that I have ever experienced in 20 years of visiting pro domes. The snatch was brilliantly executed; these ladies knew what they were doing! They played some wonderful mind.. read more →

What could be better than a sunny May evening in the woods? A rush hour drive, a rush hour train ride, a taxi and then, suddenly, I’m alone and all I can hear are birds singing and the gentle breeze troubling the trees.  I’m in a car park, a long way from anywhere. And I’m.. read more →

I have been hard at work over the last few weeks plotting how to surprise our slave again and I came up with an idea that was about to get tested. Ever since the triple surprise seduction session our slave has been a little on edge whenever he turns up at the dungeon and.. read more →

Dressed to kill and with one small man in our sight we entered the room. “That’s our guy” shouted Mistress Hera, “Let’s take him down.” Mistress Hera’s rippling muscular body leapt at the defenseless man and he was thrown across the room. “Tell us where the case is, you little worm” I whispered threateningly into.. read more →