I have been hard at work over the last few weeks plotting how to surprise our slave again and I came up with an idea that was about to get tested. Ever since the triple surprise seduction session https://www.mistress-pip.co.uk/2013/04/08/triple-surprise-seduction-session-with-mistress-pip-lady-carla-and-mistress-bea/ our slave has been a little on edge whenever he turns up at the dungeon and today was no exception. However I told him he only had a couple of hours as there was a session at 4pm. Realising this wouldn’t leave time for any surprises like last time, he relaxed a bit and set about his chores.

At about 3:30pm, I checked on his work. He had done a pretty good job, so I praised him for his efforts and he said good-bye and left. Everything was going to plan. I counted… Ten, nine, eight, seven… I got as far as four and the door burst open. “What’s going on?”, our slave protested, as Mistress Hera and Lady Carla forcibly dragged him back into the building. He wasn’t expecting that! They pushed him roughly to the floor and held him down.

“I see my 4pm session has arrived a little early”, I said, pretending to be annoyed. I ordered Lady Carla and Mistress Hera to take him through to the dungeon and restrain him with strict bondage. They hauled him to his feet and “Mistress-handled” him into the next room. Soon his arms were tightly bound behind his back with rope and Lady Carla then attached a leather cuff to his ankle and secured it to a shackle on the wall with a short chain and a padlock. We left him there. After all, we had 20 minutes before the session was due to start and our slave wasn’t going anywhere.


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