Dressed to kill and with one small man in our sight we entered the room.

“That’s our guy” shouted Mistress Hera, “Let’s take him down.”

Mistress Hera’s rippling muscular body leapt at the defenseless man and he was thrown across the room.

“Tell us where the case is, you little worm” I whispered threateningly into his ear, as we both hovered over him.

“I have no idea what you are talking about” he said. The panic in his voice was incontestable. He was being totally dominated by two beautiful women.

Mistress Hera held a scalpel to his lips and threatened him. We emptied his pockets and removed his watch. We used the blade to cut open his shirt and then ripped the remainder of his clothes off his body. We gagged him with some of the material from his clothes and tied another piece around his neck.

We held him down on the ground spread eagled. I took control of his ankles, spreading his legs as wide as they would physically go, exposing him as the vulnerable, weak man that he was. Mistress Hera forcibly spread his hands above his head. His skinny, white body tried to squirm, but we held him tightly and there was no hope of escape.

“We saw you last Saturday at the airport where you were given a case. Don’t lie to us. We know who you are and we will do whatever is necessary to get that case.”

As we continued to hold him pinned to the ground, exposed and available to whatever we wished to do to him, he continued to deny everything about the case and pleaded with us that we had the wrong person.

We turned his body over and attached spreader bars to his ankles and his wrists. We then attached the two spreader bars together creating a hog tie position, but still allowing access to torture his balls.

Still without the information we wanted we decided to drag him into the dungeon room. We quickly and tightly tied him to the interrogation chair and continued to torment his cock and balls. We flipped a coin to decide how much pain to administer to him; he was powerless.

After an hour of fun and games at his expense we realised he was the wrong guy, but by then we were enjoying ourselves too much to let him go!  We kept him hostage all day and used and abused him as we desired.

London Mistress Pip
London Mistress Hera