Welcome to my dungeon.

I am currently working from a wonderfully equipped venue called The Serpent Rooms (www.theserpentrooms.co.uk) where hours can be lost as you delve into a world of pain and pleasure. One of my favourite items in the main room are the cages which are perfect for kidnap sessions, role play and long confinements. It’s brilliant knowing there is no escape for the helpless slave when he is locked securely behind bars and I have complete control over the key and when to release him.

There are strong iron shackles which are attached to the wall which are perfect for a quick and convenient form of restraint. I love the look and the weight of iron restraints. They are ideal for prisoner fantasies. When heavy, clinking iron shackles are combined with a stern and beautiful Mistress in a latex military outfit, fantasies come alive.

Prisoner scenarios are excellent fun. As well keeping my prisoners captive I also enjoy subjecting them to humiliating tasks, ruthless body inspections, cavity searches, verbal abuse, interrogations and cruel physical abuse.

Another of my favourite item is the metal sensory deprivation helmet. Not advised for the nervous slaves who suffer from claustrophobia! As well as looking fantastic hanging in the dungeon, the helmet, once your head is encased inside it gives a totally unique sensation. Your senses are deprived; sounds are distorted and echoes bounce over head.










Come and be my prisoner.

London Mistress Pip