I asked for a very real kidnap scene in my hotel room. Mistress Pip snuck into the room and attacked me as I was laying in bed. Within seconds, my hands were bound behind my back and her arms were around my neck. I was gagged (really gagged – couldn’t make a sound). Then she began to demonstrate her arsenal of wickedness and evilness – including showing me how helpless I was when tied up and her legs wrapping around me controlling every breath with absolutely nothing I could do to stop her. I was totally in her hands. With me bound to the bed, she closed all the curtains and pulled out her violet wand. She loved playing with it. Over the next hour, she experimented on me with each of the implements. The different attachments. The classic glass tips that glowed various colors as the electrical arc flowed into my body. Then the more painful steel and tinsel floggers – hundreds of concurrent points of pain as she brushed them over EVERY part of my body. I could only wince in pain – no matter how much I struggled or tried to cry out – it was helpless. When I was totally exhausted from the pain and fear, she wrapped her legs around my neck one final time and squeezed – slowly, but mercilessly, until I stopped struggling. She had kidnapped and abused me physically and mentally in ways I never had been before. She is beautiful, yet lethal. Shapely but VERY strong. Innocent yet skilled in more ways to dominate me than I could have ever imagined. Be careful what you wish for as Mistress Pip will deliver. She respected every limit I requested – but pushed every boundary in ways I had never imagined. It was several hours of truly being helpless and tormented by the most beautiful captor imaginable.


London Mistress Pip