Myself and the wonderful Mistress Kali, my original partner in debauchery, met at a trendy breakfast establishment in Shoreditch, half an hour before he was due. We had time for a quick catch up, a cup of tea and to finalise what he had in store for this special, birthday session.

Our man walks through the door spot on time, knowing if he had been a minute late or a minute early, he would pay for it later. He sat down and commenced conversation; it was almost like it was three ‘normal’ people meeting for a conventional weekday breakfast…

After some chit chat, he picked up the menu to browse the food selection. We quickly amended the situation by removing the menu from his hands. Today we decide what he eats; his choice isn’t important anymore.

We also decided we had had enough of his small talk, so I demanded him to be silent and to only speak when he was spoken to. Myself and Mistress Kali took our time to chose the breakfast and continued to catch up together, ignoring the man opposite.

Just before our order was taken, we both decided it was time for a birthday present. Earlier that morning I had individually wrapped six ‘presents’ for our birthday slave. And how lucky he was to open them in the middle of the restaurant. Each present came with instructions of where and how to apply it.

The first present he unwrapped was a long, thin piece of white rope, which didn’t raise too many suspicions with the neighboring tables. Our victim looked a bit confused and anxious, but thanked us nonetheless. Mistress Kali told him to take his birthday present to the toilet and tie it tightly around his balls. I emphasised ‘tightly’ and informed him we would be judging his efforts when we get back to the dungeon. Anything not done to our satisfaction will be redone properly and an appropriate punishment given to him for being so useless.

While he was in the toilet learning how to tie his own balls up, we ordered the food and drinks.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast interspersed with more presents. For each one opened, our birthday slave discretely returned to the toilet, hoping no-one noticed his many visits. Each time he returned he looked a little more uncomfortable and we looked a little more satisfied.

We allowed him to start eating his breakfast when we felt like it and when we had all finished and all devices had been securely attached under his clothes, by himself in the toilet, we waited for the finale.

The waiter brought out a stack of pancakes, with fruits, syrup, ice cream and candles on. The whole restaurant started to sing happy birthday to him, but no one any wiser to how much discomfort the birthday boy was in, as all eyes  were now turned on him. We sat back and enjoyed the moment.

Once finished, it was time to get a taxi back to our dungeon. We sat on either side of him. Mistress Kali was on the left with access to the rope which hung over the top of his trousers, with his balls attached to the other end. I sat on the right and dug my nails into his leg throughout the journey, and ran my hands dangerously close to his bondaged balls.

Not knowing London very well, he had no idea how long the journey would be and with some general London traffic I could see the panic in his eyes. The nipple and ball clamps were getting very intense by this stage and he knew all he could do all sit quietly and wait.

Once arrived, we escorted him swiftly inside. By this point there were tears in his eyes over the pain in his nipples. He stripped him and inspected the pegs, ball impaler, rope and clamps that he had applied earlier. We made the necessary adjustments and forced him into the upright metal cage, where he was help captive while we slipped out of our ordinary clothes and into something more sexy.

We spent the next three hours weaving his body into intricate and complicated bondage, where the slightest movement of one body part caused excruciating pain to another body part. At all times he was strictly hooded or masked, as well as gagged. We enjoyed taking our time to get him into the most compromising of positions.

We couldn’t ignore the fast that it was still his birthday, so the candles came out and we were joined by the beautiful Lady Carla. Now, with three of us in the room, and a candle in each of our hands, we wrote ‘happy birthday’ in hot wax across his body.

For the candle finale we finished by inserting a candle into his bent over arse and lighting it. Unsurprisingly he couldn’t blow it out this time, so we left it to burn and drip hot wax onto his balls which were perfectly placed under the candle in a  humbler.


London Mistress Pip

London Mistress Pip

London Mistress Pip and Lady Carla

London Mistress Pip and Lady Carla