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I started the session with his back pinned firmly against the cold, grey wall. I looked him up and down and made a few comments. Before he knew it his arms and legs were spread wide against the wall and tightly cuffed to the chains which hung there. His eyes dropped to the floor. Any.. read more →

Sometime this week shortly after dawn I was kidnapped in the woods by Mistresses Pip and Mistress Hera, in what was one of the finest sessions that I have ever experienced in 20 years of visiting pro domes. The snatch was brilliantly executed; these ladies knew what they were doing! They played some wonderful mind.. read more →

If you are interested in a custom video of myself or myself and any of my wonderful friends in action: Mistress Hera, Lady Carla, Mistress Bea, Mistress Justitia, Mistress Kali or Mistress May then get in touch. We are open to suggestions but look at which services we offer on our websites to get an.. read more →

I met Mistress Pip with Lady Carla and I wanted to be overwhelmed, smothered and scissored. Well the 2 hour session was unbelievable. Mistress Pip is quite stunning, much more so than her photographs indicate. She also looks much much younger. She would stand over me looking down with a beautiful smile, or laughing, her.. read more →